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In search of True Patriots Dedicated to Serving our Great Nation!
Bruschi acting like he ain't doin Nothin

I am lucky to be the father of two fantastic sons & my baby boy Bruschi !

Another pic of me & Bruschi out and abou

I am a disabled vet, who has spent most of my life in service to this Great Country and its people.  I have spent the last six to ten years watching our Congress & Senate, the career politicians, as they act like we the people work for them.

 Instead of them work for us The People!  

(They have been doing it longer but I have only been tuned in well that long.)


My goal is to return the ideals of Service and Representation to our Capitol.

Helping to give you back your voice in the running of Our Government!


 Unfortunately, our government is crippled by ‘representatives’ who have taken the opposite approach.  They point fingers across the aisle, blaming everyone except themselves for the problems that our country faces.


These politicians have forgotten that their loyalty is supposed to be first and foremost to the American people.  I am determined to remind them of that fact and bring honesty and accountability into the political process.  

In order to accomplish that, it's going to take a willingness to fight the lies being spread by corrupt politicians & the Mainstream media!

I have that willingness!!


Our goal here at VFF is to help locate and support New possible candidates for elected offices of all levels.


This also means, raising enough money that we here at

Veteran First Foundation can use that money, to get out a positive conservative message!


At the same time finding those New candidates that will be dedicated to Veterans issues!


Willing to fight for a Constitutional America!


We will also have the ability to fight the misleading and the out and out lying videos & adds put out by the rich progressives & socialist donors, that support the Progressive agenda.

An agenda that threatens the Foundation of our Country!


As a Hybrid Political Action Committee,

we will also be able to support a new group of former Military, political candidates.

We will Find former Military members that have a minimum of an Honorable discharge from service and are otherwise qualified to run, to support for political offices around the Country. 


Not only will we allow potential candidates to apply for our financial help to start up their campaigns.

But we will also put in the work to search for people that would make good candidates for offices at all levels.

Then do our best to help encourage and mentor those that do decide to take up this honorable fight.


The candidates we support through direct donations & the candidates we choose to support on our own will have to be dedicated to a few core principles to gain the Foundations support.


Those Core Principles are as follows: 


1) You will Pledge to support & Defend the Constitution as written!


2) You will need to have verifiable and unwavering support for the 1st & 2nd Amendment!


3) You must believe in support of the Constitutional mandate to secure and protect our Country and its borders!


4)You must believe all life is sacred. & Be Unwilling to vote for anything that would allow what is referred to as late-term abortion!


"We do not demand lock-step belief in all areas to get our support, but we will NOT allow support for that!"


5) You will support a Real change in all VA systems. Change that will benefit the Veterans first and foremost!

Even if that means integrating the VA system with (superior) civilian systems, to decrease wait times and increase Care and accountability!



Dean A Poirier


Thank you for visiting and please VOTE in the Primary!

Contact the Team Now

Help Elect New Vets!!!

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