Things I believe in and will fight for,


"First and foremost, I believe in the Greatness of The United States of America!
Also I believe in our Military & Police! Without these two groups on the front lines for us every day, we would NOT enjoy the safety & security in our day to day lives that we sometimes take for granite here in America!
I believe this is the greatest place to live anywhere in the World!
I also believe we need to take back our Government from the career politicians that think that they have the Right to be elected to rule us! 
So many career politicians make the case that being a long time part of a system (that EVERYONE agrees isn't working), somehow gives them what it takes to get things done THIS time. (if we elect them AGAIN..) It's ridiculous, and it NEEDS to stop!
We need representatives that will be in Congress to fight for what the people want, not whatever their Party is telling them to support. (Like a LOT of the current members do!)
 Fighting for YOU is exactly what "I" will do!
We need a loud voice that will focus on the issues that matter to Veterans their Families and the Communities they live in! And I believe I am the right voice for that task. (Those that have meet me know the passion with which I feel on these topics.) I have passion for the topic and a steady stream of ideas to improve on what we have currently in place. And the willingness to be open to what works! Not just what gets federal employees paid. As a more than 20 year recipient of "Va care" do to my service connected disabilities, I have a first hand knowledge of how things Really work that will be impossible for others in Congress to argue with. Helping me to build consensus and get things done!
I will say what I mean, mean what I say and fight for those that elected me to serve!
If you elect me, you will be electing someone that knows how to work with others to get things done! No matter if it was in the Military or a civilian job at one of the many places around the World that I've worked, I have always been someone that gets things done! No matter what it is, or who I'm working with!
 "That is Exactly what I WILL do for YOU in Congress!!"
My thoughts on some Important issues
Helping Public Education work for everyone

As the father of two sons and a former youth sports Coach for Baseball, Basketball & Football (37 seasons total) I have spent most of my adult life helping guide our youth to paths of productivity, good sportsmanship and over all good citizenship. You can ask anyone that ever played for me , the grades were always every bit as important to me as what you did on the field or court! Although the programs I coached in had no official rule on grades, I always made my players maintain good grades, period.

Now that my boys and the kids I coach have grown and are moving on to the new fazes of their lives, so am I. That new faze for me means helping ALL kids and adults as well by getting into Congress to help make the needed changes that our Country is so desperately waiting for. One of the best ways that we can help all Americans is to make sure that our public education system offers a quality education. A system void of the political and social indoctrination that has been building in the system for years.  

We should be putting the interests of or kids first! Not those of fringe groups or the teacher's Union for that matter.

There has been a wave of teacher and administrators that want to use our schools and our children as their personal agents for progressive change. Not only is that wrong, it is also not legal in many cases! I will fight to see that our education system runs to provide a quality education for ALL, without the constant threat of activist teachers. Not all are like this!! I would say most of our educators are doing a quality job in a professional, caring way. But we have all seen the growing group of activists that are infesting our schools at all levels.  They need to go!!

Helping Build an Economy that offers Choices of quality Career level jobs

I will work to bring good paying career level jobs to our district, partly by making our district more desirable to do business in. One way is to work to put businesses first instead of political stances that hurt the profitability of current businesses and any future businesses.

Another thing I will do is work to create a new program to help those looking to get into blue-collar careers that need training or some form of certification before starting. This program will help provide the financial ability to make those changes even if those changes mean taking a job in another state.  Anything from, HVAC tech to Nurse or dental tech to carpentry & cosmetology would be covered in this program.

College should not be the only option our Government is willing to offer financial aid for to help the young adults of our country!

Offer Real help to our Veterans 

Both Young & Old 

First off: If you are a Veteran reading this, 

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart my Brothers/Sisters in arms!"

One of the greatest Honors of my life was having the opportunity to serve with you!!

We all know, past or present, Soldiers are Family Forever! I may have been in the Army but that just makes a Marine like that bad-ass cousin you have that is super loyal to the family and always ready to fight to protect it. You know the one,,.  The one you are always really glad is on your side.. You get what I am saying. So yeah, Thank you so much for what you and your families do for our Country!

Now, on to how to help all the Veterans.

We need to totally revamp the VA systems. Both the VA medical system and the Department of Veterans affairs.

In today's technological world there is NO reason that the VA should still be working under the same operating procedures as they were 20 years ago. And that is just My experience, I am sure there has been no change for much longer than that. Well that is unacceptable!!

We ask Soldiers to fight and possibly die for us. We need to make sure their issues of ANY kind get dealt with in a timely, courteous manner. Unfortunately I know first hand, it is NOT done that way now!

I will work to help change that for the better. One way I look to do that is to introduce legislation that would set up a program of over site of the care given to our veterans.

Like the one I introduced to Senator Rubio when he was in the primaries and later spoke to Congressman Trey Gowdy about. It would be a three tiered process that can actually get the bad actor out of our system, and do it without costing the VA or the Federal government a ton of money. It would tap into the desire to continue to serve that so many Veterans have. Through national Veterans organizations, we would find veterans willing to serve as volunteer members of the review boards set up in 3 to 4 regional locations around the country to hear complaints from veterans about poor VA care of ANY kind.

If a case moves on because they are seen to have merit, that case will go to a second board of regional supervisors which are also volunteers. (At this level the members would need to have senior admin and or legal experience in the military.) That group would send it's recommendations for punishments and or termination to the third and final 3 person Board (full time paid positions) in Washington so the final decision can be made on the terminations. The punishments would get reviewed but not changed. If termination is not agreed with, a letter of explanation as to why will be sent back down to the the regional supervisor with any questions the final panel has for reexamination.

That is just one of my ideas to help affect change for the better. The overwhelmingly positive response I got on that proposal, and the ensuing conversation are what made me realize, I am the right guy for the job at the right time in history. Ultimately, all qualified Veterans should be able to get their medical care at any hospital or Dr.s office they choose, but until we get it like that, we have to fix the broken system we have. 

You will NOT find anyone that will work harder for You than I will! Or anyone more devoted to bringing truthfulness and honesty back to the Congress and the Government as a whole.

Improving our immigration system to work faster and fair for ALL

I know my stance here is going to be controversial to some. But, it is what I believe is right. And I believe it is what most Americans, particularly those in the 31st District of California, would find to be fair. 

We as Americans do not punish a child for the transgressions of the parent. And with that in mind, I think we should find a path to citizenship for the group identified as "Dreamers" that DO NOT have a criminal record.

Now at the same time, I do believe that if someone is in this Country undocumented and they have committed what is to be reasonably considered a "serious" crime, then they should not be offered that path to citizenship. That is reasonable and needed to keep our communities safe around the Country.

Risking the loss of Federal funds to protect already convicted criminals at a time when California needs the funds the most is NOT helping our families here in the Inland Empire. And I Will fight to make sure it is just the criminal element being targeted.

Now, as for some of the other issues around our immigration policies, there are things that NEED to be fixed!

I believe we need to do what it takes to stop the flow of drugs and human trafficking that is going on at our southern boarder! Enhanced security capable of positively securing the boarder is NEEDED. What that exactly looks like is still an ongoing thought process to balance need with function.

The idea presented by one California contractor that I saw was very impressive with its easy to build design, so as to minimize expense and time to build. And if they got the contract it would create a ton of jobs for Californians. And that also means tax revenue going back to the State of California to help all of us!

Do we need to fix the legal immigration system also? YES, yes we do! In the computer world we live in, it should not take years for the process to happen for someone that qualifies to come here. But the process must be followed if we as Americans are going to be able to live in safety with OUR families.

The families that suffer the most by not controlling the immigration system are the families that rely on what would be considered "low-wage work" as well as the construction & maintenance trades. With a constant inflow of that level worker willing to undercut the pay due to undocumented status, it makes it impossible for all of our family members to find the work they NEED.

A fair balance CAN be found. It's just going to take open, honest conversation and debate.

I would like to be a bridging voice between the two sides to help find common ground that is not only in Americas best interest but also fair and in the best interest of ALL Americans!

I do not think that securing our Nations boarder to protect ourselves from drugs, human trafficking and other lawlessness is wrong! (as many Nations do and even the Vatican itself does) 

We NEED to stop the flow of drugs flooding into our Country every day. As well as the horror of human trafficking and smuggling. The only way to do that in some areas is a physical barrier. Well if that is what it takes to keep our families and the families of those taken advantage of by the traffickers safe, then that's what we need to do.

Showing our Seniors the respect they deserve

When it comes to Social Security, I believe that we should not take benefits away from current recipients or those that are very close to qualifying. That would be a breach of faith by the Government on a program millions paid into with the expectation of it being there at least at the current levels. With that said, I do believe we need to look at making changes in the system for the future. That way we can save it from failing and it will be there for all Americans if they qualify for the benefit. 

Social Security was never meant to be nor should it be your only plan for retirement income! We need to teach our families to save more and prepare better for retirement. (bringing good jobs back will help this also!)  Social Security should be just a piece of your retirement plan. 

But until all those things are fixed, we need to care for those that came before us and helped shape this great Country, and not let them fall by the wayside as the world speeds on by! Which means providing access to the needed medical care and living conditions, as well as providing programs and opportunities for those with skills  and the desire to pass them on, the opportunity to do so. This would help make their lives fuller and help younger people learn some valuable lessons.


God Bless America


all her wonderful people!

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