Who "I" am & Why You Should Want to Help Me Help Vets



Hello, My name is Dean Poirier.

I am a disabled veteran from the first Gulf War time period.

I was injured during the build-up of that war while training “live fire” in the swamps of Louisiana in the early ’90s.

Fast forward to now, after battling the Va for almost 2 decades, to get my care and benefits.

 I formed the Veterans First Foundation with two primary goals in mind.

The two goals are:

  1. Find & support New (primarily) Veteran candidates for elected positions like local School Boards, all the way up to the US Senate. Providing both informational resources and cash funding, to the limits set by Campaign finance laws.


    2. Advocate for a Constitutional America, by helping to fight the socialist messaging that the MainStream Media and other groups are pushing.

        We will fund commercials & ads that promote a Pro-America, Pro-Constitution message!


Thank you for checking out our page. Continue on for more information about our mission.

God Bless You & God Bless America!!


Dean Poirier

Founder VFF

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